March: On the Radar

Spring is springing! It’s official. Winter is winding down and Spring is tantalising us with the promise of longer days and the sun on our skin. March is a funny month – it can still be pretty wintry and cold (anyone remember last year – it was freezing) or it can be freakishly warm. Let’s hope it’s the latter. We could do with some freakishly warm weather.

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So what’s on the radar for March?

– I like the look of this – Classic Car Boot Sale on the Southbank. Vintage stalls, street food, craft beer and cocktails. I’m in.

– I just got Diana Henry’s new cook book A Change of Appetite. Focusing on healthy and delicious food, I’m salivating when I look through it. Lots of inspiration for Get Your Salad On. Here’s a selection of her recipes.

– There’s an exhibition on at the Royal Academy that I’m going to try and check out. Called Sensing Spaces, it explores our responses to architecture – how does it make us feel? It looks really interesting (and fun).

– It’s pancake day tomorrow. How do you like yours? I’m liking the look of these ricotta hotcakes with maple butter (of course I’ll make some traditional ones too served with lemon and sugar).



One thought on “March: On the Radar

  1. Angela @Little Apple Tree

    Apparently today is the first day of spring. Could have fooled me! I thought spring sprang a few weeks ago when all the blossom came out and it stopped raining (for the most part). Looks like you’ve got fab plans for March! xx


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