I am one of those people. Guilty as charged. I *sometimes* take a photo of my food before I scarf it down my gob. And I *sometimes* post it onto Instagram. It’s in the news today, as there’s a chef in France who wants to ban this evil practice. Personally I do agree with him a little bit, it’s pretty annoying (I just can’t help myself, guv) but in a world where there’s war in Syria and countless horrors going on in North Korea, taking photos of your grub before you eat it is pretty lowdown on my list of things to ban.

So in celebration of foodie photos; here’s some of my culinary highlights over the last week or so.


From top left corner:

1 – A burger from Dirty Burger. I am slowly trying all the ‘new-wave’ burger joints of London. This was pretty good. The fries were also first class.

2 – Dinner at Blanchette in Soho with my best bud. The food is small-plate French food, a bit like Polpo (which is Italian). We had a good meal – the desserts were especially good, I just wish I could remember what they were. (There was also wine involved).

3 – Still making smoothies – this one had beetroot and berries in it, hence its magnificent colour.

4 – I made this – roasted aubergines with tahini yoghurt, pomegranate and parsley. I’m loving Middle Eastern food at the moment.

6 – Saw these in Wholefoods. Activated almonds. WTF are they?

7 – This may look a bit like sick. It is in fact spiced coconut chicken with spinach. My boy wolfed this down.

8 – Lunch at Jamie’s Italian in Greenwich. You have to give it to Jamie, he knows how to please the small ones – this menu kept Fred and his friend occupied for at least 10 minutes. The food wasn’t bad either.

9 and 10 – Michael and I did make it to Hawker House. We enjoyed this Indian inspired dish from Rola Wala – a tiny naan, topped with pulled pork, some pickles and a pretty pokey chilli sprinkle. This was the best thing we ate all night. Spicy, crunchy and meaty. The pizza was also pretty good straight out of the wood fired oven. Loved the atmosphere of Hawker House, too. I would definitely recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Instagrub

  1. littleappletreeblog

    Activated almonds are almonds which have been soaked for about 12 hours–this starts the germination process and allegedly removes antinutrients–and then dehydrated to return them to their crunchy nutty state. It’s supposed to make them more digestible. (How do I know this shit? I don’t see what’s wrong with a nice almond, myself. I even eat them with the skin on!)

    The aubergine/tahini thang looks great! Reminds me of a recipe I’ve been meaning to make from Ottolenghi for YEARS…

  2. londonloafing

    Now I know! I’ve never had a problem with almond digestion (as far as I know), but I will bare this in mind.
    Re the aubergine thang – DO IT. That is all. It was really good.


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