February: On the Radar

January is over – hallelujah! Actually it wasn’t that bad. The no-drinking was fine; I only really missed having a nice glass of red on a Friday night. We tried fasting on one Friday and along with the self-imposed alcohol restriction, this was too much. There was a bar of chocolate with my name on it. Lesson learned –  I will not attempt complete denial of food and fun in January when I’m working full-time. A girl needs something to look forward to. This time sugar sufficed (apparently the new tobacco, but surely it’s all about moderation).


So what am I eyeing up this month?

What could follow the balloons and poo of the Hayward Gallery? I quite fancy Bailey’s Stardust at the National Portrait Gallery. Glamour, showbiz and definitely no defecation (I hope).

I saw this recipe for Kimchi Brussell sprouts. Perhaps February is the month to try my hand at a bit of fermentation? Fermentuary – it has a ring to it.

I quite fancy paying this place a visit. It’s a place where street food vendors sell their wares all under one roof. It’s meant to be buzzing.

The Evening Standard ran this article about Walthamstow. It’s completely the other side of London to us, but I love exploring areas I’ve never been before. Might try and pay it a visit.

Hopefully I’ll be changing the design for this blog. I’ve been thinking about it for ages. Will February be the month it finally happens? Any tips from you bloggers out there?

Image from Bon Appetit

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