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I love magazines. I have loved them for a long time – I remember waiting excitedly for Just 17 to arrive in my local newsagents every week. I’d read it with a mixture of fear, envy and joy. Oh my, the problem pages were an education. At the age of twelve (and a fairly innocent twelve at that), my mind would boggle at the situations girls not much older than me would find themselves in. Later I graduated to other magazines and I still subscribe to far too many. I’m old school – it’s just not the same reading one on an Ipad or PC.

I thought it might be fun to set up my own little magazine club. Current membership: one. The aim of the club is to explore some of the brilliant (or maybe not so brilliant) independent magazines that are hitting the shelves at the moment. As I live in London, it’s fairly easy to get my hands on these publications. However there is a company called Stack, that delivers a different independent magazine each month. In my club, I’ll read and review a different magazine each month, but I’ll buy it myself instead of getting it delivered by Stack. So what’s my choice for January?

The Gentlewoman

Title : The Gentlewoman

Price: £6

What: The Gentlewoman celebrates modern women of style and purpose. Its fabulous biannual magazine offers a fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion that’s focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress. Featuring ambitious journalism and photography of the highest quality, it showcases inspirational women through its distinctive combination of glamour, personality and warmth.*

First Impressions: It’s bigger than your average magazine and the cover is striking. This issue has a monochrome cover photo and features the actress Lea Seydoux. The design is uncluttered and classic.

Flicking through: Again I was struck by the photography; it’s bold and matches the large format perfectly. There were quite a few adverts and these were quite high-end. The articles were long; this is not really a magazine for flicking through, this calls for a cup of tea, a comfy sofa and time to read its articles.

Favourite articles: There’s an interview with Martha Stewart which was interesting (I think it’s the magazine’s aim to feature women of all ages who have done something interesting with their lives). I also liked the feature about the founders of a book review website, The Omnivore which is new to me.

Overall: The Gentlewoman is a substantial, grown-up read. You won’t find any mention of Towie in here (that’s a good thing IMO). I loved its aesthetic; the design is striking. This is definitely a publication to take your time over, time that I don’t always have. Would I buy it again? Maybe depending who they were featuring that issue.

* From the Gentlewoman’s website.

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  1. littleappletreeblog

    That sounds rather good, Lucy! I probably wouldn’t have picked it up without seeing a review, as I really don’t consider myself a “gentlewoman”!


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