A cold and frosty morning

Clumber ParkFor a blog called London Loafing, I haven’t been loafing about in London much recently. I have plans to rectify this, but you’ll have to put up with my gallivants round the country in the meantime. This weekend, we visited the in laws in Nottinghamshire.

On the Saturday they got to spend some time with their eldest grandson, and Michael and I had a mooch round Nottingham  – a city which has some amazing vintage shops and the Sue Ryder in the town centre is one of the best charity shops I’ve been to. We also went to see a film – 12 Years a Slave – phew, it was powerful and harrowing, but I would highly recommend it.

We woke on Sunday to find the ground covered in a thick layer of frost. Oh how pretty it makes everything. We enjoyed a beautiful stroll around the grounds of Clumber Park. Once a residency for one of the rich landowners of the area, who made their money by exploiting the poor and digging for coal, Clumber Park is now run by the National Trust for everyone to enjoy. And enjoy it we did. On days like these I could almost imagine living in the countryside (almost).

Frost Clumber Park

Swans Clumber Park

Trees - Clumber Park

3 thoughts on “A cold and frosty morning

  1. Edwina

    Just found you via the year in books link, love the blog, varied and interesting. Good read, thanks.
    (Usually I am very wordy, trying this year to be less so….)

  2. littleappletreeblog

    I love the picture of the swans on the grass–the one on the right looks to be rather unhappy with the frost and trying to decide on the least-frosty place to put its foot. (I may be anthropomorphising it…)

    Must admit…when I saw the frost the other morning, taking pictures was the farthest thing from my mind :P Too busy panicking about falling on my arse!


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