Sunny autumn days

Sunny autumn days are the best kind of weather. The sun is out, everyone’s happier when the sun is out. It’s possible to go out for a walk, one that involves crunching through golden leaves. Blue skies contrast nicely with the autumn hues. And there is no necessity to bear flesh. That’s the one thing I don’t like about the summer: the clothes. Somehow I can never get it right. No such stress in autumn; jeans, boots, jumper, sorted. I like that.

We’ve had a fairly classic autumn so far. There have been some lovely sunny days, and they have happened to be at the weekend. We have been able to go out for some walks. I haven’t got round to posting the pictures of these yet. And today seems the perfect opportunity to do this. It’s awful out there today. In fact I’m writing this from my bed. It’s not sunny outside. There’s just been some kind of hail storm. There was thunder and then the sky expelled something cold, wet and hard. I’m glad I’m in bed ‘working’.

So here are some snaps from some recent adventures. Greenwich on a sunny, autumnal day. Michael and Fred did some beachcombing. Some bones were found (and are now languishing in a plastic bag somewhere waiting to be bleached; I feel that’s a ‘daddy’ activity.) We had some food at the market; we indulged Fred’s love of sushi.

Greenwich beach

autumn leaves


More recently, on a gloriously sunny day, we headed West to Barnes, parked the car and headed over the river to Chiswick. This is not an area of London I’m familiar with. In my younger days, I spent two years in Bethnal Green, the proper East-End, a year in Clapham (I was a young professional, don’t hate me) and then some time in Fulham (it was cheap, that’s my excuse) but I never ventured further West. And now I’m in South-East London, which I love. But it was good to explore somewhere different.

I definitely want to return to Chiswick as I know there are some good shops to explore and a decent car boot sale on a Sunday. This time, we took a stroll along the river, explored the grounds of Chiswick House and generally soaked up the golden sunshine.

Let’s hope there are some more of these sunny days. I can cope with winter and all its darkness if we have a little bit of sunshine too.

view from Barnes bridge

Chiswick house

river at Chiswick

autumn colours

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  1. littleappletreeblog

    Chiswick House looks wonderful–every time we drive past the signs for it (on the way to the M4 and home) I say that I’d love to go there. It always seems so mysterious, tucked away from the road as it is… One day we’ll get round to it!


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