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It’s November. How did that happen? Time is going so quickly; we’re hanging onto 2013 for dear life.

It was half-term last week, and also Halloween. For the past few years, we’ve been away for Halloween and as we weren’t this year, we could actually do the whole Halloween thing. And what a ‘thing’ it has become. There were hordes of children out on the streets trick or treating, and I have to say that in my little corner of South East London, it was a delight. The kids were polite, and only knocked on the doors of houses who were displaying lit pumpkins. It was a real social affair; young kids, teenagers, adults, neighbours all having fun. And where’s the harm in that?

My little boy was dressed as a zombie. His school also has a dress-up day on the last day of the half-term. I did worry that I had overdone the fake blood as we walked to school past the cute witches and skeletons. But there were also a fair few bloodied corpse brides, so my little extra from ‘The Walking Dead’ was not alone being liberally sprinkled with the red stuff.


Next stop: fireworks and then the countdown to Christmas. Bring it on!

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