Despite the summer holidays officially ending today (a late date to go back to school for my Year One boy), they seem like an age away now. The weather has turned. It is properly autumnal; grey skies, rain and a nip in the air. We may have returned less than a week ago, but Italy seems like a distant memory now.

We spent the main part of the holiday in northern Tuscany with my parents and my brother and his family. We were celebrating my Dad’s 70th birthday. The area is mountainous and green; our villa had magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. It also had a lovely pool, a wood-fired pizza oven (more to follow) and various games to keep the younger members of the group happy. My niece is two and half (and very cute) and she displayed excellent racket skills.





We ate a lot of pizza and pasta and ice cream. (Come on, it’s Italy, it has to be done). Fred especially liked the gelato.



We visited gorgeous Italian hilltop towns. The roads were windy, and the Italian drivers were, quite frankly, terrifying. (The overtake on a blind corner seemed to be a particular favourite).





Ciao, Italy. And in the words of Arnie, ‘I’ll be back’.

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