Crazy as a coconut

The smell of the summer has got to be coconut. One sniff and immediately I am transported back to a beach somewhere (probably in the Med) and I’m being slathered in Hawaiian Tropic Factor 15. It was the early 80s, kids got a tan in those days. My mum was probably fully oiled up with the Factor 2, aiming for the full mahogany look to go with her perm. I digress, coconut is where it is at in the summer. I can’t get enough of it.

The sun is out and summer is finally here. I have been getting my coconut fix in a number of ways (and no, I have not been eating Bounty bars).

This yogurt is amazing. It is utterly delicious. You need it in your life, believe me. (Incidentally, my cousin pointed out that the h has disappeared from yoghurt in the last few years…where could it be? There definitely used to be an h and now no more. Did they decide it was too difficult for the younger generation? They can’t handle the h, obviously)

Coconut yogurt

If you’re feet are anything like mine (and I hope for your sake that they are not), they will need a little prep and pampering before they make an appearance on the beach (or even just into a pair of sandals). This cream is the business. Smells good too.


I found these being sold in a health food shop and jumped on them as if my life depended on it. Frozen coconut milk. Need I say more?


And finally, I love Rachel Castle‘s work and this one has my name on it.


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