Broadway Market

We took advantage of the first Spring-like day of the year on Saturday and took the new(ish) East London Overground train from Denmark Hill to Hoxton. Then we jumped on a bus via a quick visit to Hackney City Farm (who can’t resist a pig in an urban setting?) and ended up in the hipster magnet that is Broadway Market.

Pig in Urban setting

My son is rather keen on those eye-spy books, the books where you tick off things as you spot them and gain points for each thing you see. We have the ‘Modern Britain’ book (mainly because it made me laugh) – it requires you to spot such gems as ‘a ready-meal’, ‘a festival poster’ and a ‘chemical toilet’ (Obviously so modernly British?!). I was almost expecting there to be ‘tramp drinking special brew’ or ‘massive queue in Primark’ to be keenly ticked off…but alas no. If there was a Hipster section, you could pretty much tick everything off in Broadway Market. Ironic Facial Hair? Tick (only 5 points though). Cafe selling single Estate locally roasted coffee? Tick (extra points for drip brews because that’s what’s big in San Francisco, don’t you know?). Folk-busking, artisanal food and vintage clothing stalls? Of course. Fixies galore. Basically it’s hipster heaven. And as the sun was out, it wasn’t a bad place to spend some time and hipster-watch.



Broadway Market

We then took a stroll along the Regent’s Canal.



After a couple of miles, we ended up in Islington, and marvelled at the lovely Georgian houses.


We also enjoyed some liquid refreshment in one of the fine drinking establishments that can be found in Islington. The Duke of Cambridge is an organic pub. We didn’t eat there but the menu looked enticing.


It also has some lovely light fittings.


‘Twas a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a day in London.

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